February 12, 2013

Westmoreland Weather
There was no precipitation in the gauge this morning. The 5:00 AM temperature was 31º F, skies were partly cloudy, and winds were calm. The barometer reading was +0.21" since yesterday morning. (29.92 inches Hg on non calibrated barometer.)

The low today was 29ºF and the high was 54ºF.
Last Years Weather on this Date
Last year on the 12th the low was 14º F, the high was 36º F, and a trace of precipitation was recorded for the 24 hour period preceding 5 AM for this CoCoRaHS station.
Today's Normal and Record Temperatures (Bowling Green, KY airport)
                High          Low
------------    -----------   -----------
Normal (KBWG)   49ºF          29ºF
Record (KBWG)   76°F (1938)   -9°F (1899)
CoCoRaHS is a volunteer system where average people who like weather can record the precipitation at their location and help various climate researchers better understand precipitation patterns. For more poinformation, go to the CoCoRaHS web site.
2/11/2013 CoCoRaHS reports (from reports that looked legitimate as of time of blog entry) -
The most precipitation reported in Tennessee was 1.46" at Adamsville. There were 379 reports from Tennessee.
The most precipitation reported in Sumner County, Tennessee was 0.73" at Gallatin.                                                                                                                                       
So far 9655 CoCoRaHS entries have been made and the greatest amount of precipitation reported was 27.50" at Waynesboro, Misissippi.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Reports of 4" or more -
Alabama - 16
Mississippi - 10
The most new snow reported was 16.0" at Pelican Rapids, Minnesota.
The most snow reported on the ground was 56.0" at Soda Springs, California.

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